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Ryan V. Gargiulo

Ryan Gargiulo is a seasoned member of the IATSE Prop Department. Ryan's passion for props brought him and his wife, Jackie Wertz, together on their prop crew, where the duo works as CO-Prop Masters. They have had the opportunity to work on several impressive projects, including a recent TV show for HBO/Warner Brothers. Ryan's dedication to his craft has taken him and his wife all over the world, from NYC and Los Angeles to Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, and the UK.

About Us

We are not only co-prop masters but also married life partners. We bring a unique, passionate and creative approach to the entertainment industry that goes beyond the job description of prop masters.

Jackie and I share a common belief that the entertainment industry is not just a job but a lifestyle. We both have over a decade of experience in the field and have worked on a variety of feature films and television shows throughout our careers. Together, we have prop-mastered over 16 feature films and TV shows and have been part of some spectacular productions that have received industry-wide recognition.

Our years of experience and diverse skill sets enable us to tackle creative challenges with ease and excel at our craft. We are innovative, resourceful, and always thinking outside the box. We firmly believe that our approach to prop mastering makes a significant difference in the overall quality of the final production. Our primary goal is to work closely with the director and production designer to achieve a cohesive vision and to provide the best possible creative input when needed.

We believe that we can bring something new and exciting to the table. Our passion for the industry combined with our expertise can create something truly remarkable.

If given the opportunity, we can assure you that we will bring our best selves, and deliver an outstanding and unique product.

Thank you for considering our proposal. Jackie and I look forward to hearing from you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Professional Experience

Credentials and Licenses


Local 52 Member of Property Department

Prop Master oversees and is responsible for the procurement, inventory, and maintenance of all props/items handled by actors and stunt performers, ensuring that they are available on time, and within budgetary requirements.


Property Masters Guild
A Professional Association

The Property Masters Guild was formed to "to provide professional continuing educational opportunities, cultivate future generations of property masters, and foster greater collaboration amongst property masters and the craft."


Licensed Armorer

An Armorer is a weapons and safety expert who is present during the filming of a movie if there are weapons being used. The Armorer makes sure that the cast and crew are safe at all times in the presence of those weapons and trains the Actors to use them responsibly.


Justin Lin

Director, Fast and Furious Movies/Universal Studios

Tracy Oliver

Showrunner/Executive Producer NBC and Amazon Studios

Jane Raab

Line Producer,


Andrew Jackness

Production Designer,


Demian Resnick

UPM, NBC, and Amazon Studios

Javiera Varas

Production Designer,

NBC and Amazon

Ray Quinlin

Executive Producer/Line Producer, ABC/Paramount Pictures/Warner Brothers

Edward Burns

Writer, Director,

Executive Producer

Moe Bardach

UPM/Line Producer Hulu/Annapurna Pictures


Lori Keith Douglas

Executive Producer/UPM Netflix/CBS/NBC/EPIX

Ola Maslik

Designer, Monsterland,

Hulu/Annapurna Pictures

Jordan Kerner

Executive Producer,

Paramount Pictures,

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Naomi Shohan

Designer, Paramount Pictures

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Mary Laws

Executive Producer/Showrunner Hulu/Annapurna Pictures, Monsterland

David Fisher

AD Hulu/Annapurna Pictures


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